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“Failing” A Breath Test Isn’t Always Conclusive

Many people are quick to assume that a breath test or chemical test is the final word in impairment. The truth is, though, that these tests are simply one piece of law enforcement’s case against you — and, in certain circumstances, they are flawed measures.

At the Georgia law firm of Stephen G. Adkins, Attorney at Law, we understand that there are numerous situations when a breath test result might be challenged, including:

  • Was the machine properly cleaned after the previous use?
  • Was the machine properly stored between uses?
  • Was the machine properly calibrated before use?
  • Was the officer properly trained in the operation of the machine?
  • Were there any environmental contaminants that might have impacted the results?
  • Were there any biological elements (food in the mouth, recently vomited) that might have impacted the results?

These, and many other, questions can often lead defense lawyers toward an effective defense. If you are facing Breathalyzer test results in your case, or a field sobriety test was issued during your traffic stop, call our firm. We have extensive criminal defense experience, including special training in field sobriety testing.

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