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How does a drunk driving or drug conviction impact you?

On Behalf of | May 28, 2024 | Firm News |

Having a criminal record may complicate your life in more ways than one. Your criminal record may fall in the hands of several parties that may have a say on your employment, education and travel, to name a few. Having a drunk driving or drug conviction may present challenges when you are trying to find a job, seeking higher education, renting or purchasing a home, or trying to travel internationally.

Entities that can access your criminal records

There are businesses and organizations that may obtain access to your criminal record by performing a background check on you.

  • Employers: A potential employer may hire you contingent upon your passing of a criminal background check. They usually keep an eye out for violations in driving under the influence if the job requires you to drive a commercial vehicle or a history of drug abuse if you work around children, the elderly or if you are in the healthcare system. Your future career may be impacted negatively by past drunk driving or drug violations.
  • Schools: Past drunk driving or drug violations may present problems if you are seeking higher education, such as in law school or medical school. Your background check may give admissions a reason to deny your application.
  • Landlords: You may not have the ability to rent property in George if you have a previous criminal conviction.

Apart from these organizations, you may also encounter challenges in certain situations. For instance, gun ownership might be extra difficult if you have a criminal record. Your chances of traveling outside the country might decrease if your record shows drunk driving or drug charges. And if you are going through a divorce, you may not gain custody of your children because of your drunk driving or drug crime background. Similarly, you may not be able to adopt of foster children due to your drug conviction.

While you may not be able to expunge these crimes from your records, you may have the opportunity to challenge the charge with the help of an experienced attorney prior to conviction. Seeking legal counsel may be beneficial if you want to avoid a drug conviction.