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The cost of impaired driving

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2023 | Drunk Driving |

In 2020, 62% of all traffic fatalities involved alcohol-impaired drivers and 38% of deaths included passengers or drivers in vehicles involved in an accident with impaired drivers. Not only can drunk driving change your life with its impact on your personal life, but it can result in serious criminal charges.

In the U.S., about one million people face arrest for driving under the influence.

The dangers associated with impaired driving

Most people know that driving under the influence is dangerous. Unfortunately, when under the influence of alcohol or other substances, they may not decide that they would with a sober mind. Alcohol can make you act impulsively; it can alter your judgment and make you believe you can sit behind the wheel and safely make it home.

Impaired driving is most common among male drivers, as opposed to female drivers. Men make up about 22% of alcohol-impaired fatalities and women only make up about 16%. Additionally, men are more likely to self-report driving while impaired. Despite the differences in statistics, driving while impaired can lead to serious accidents, no matter who you are.

The human and financial costs associated with impaired driving

In 2020, crash deaths involving alcohol-impaired drivers cost $123 billion. The prices are for medical expenses and lost lives due to impaired driving. The penalties for drunk driving are high because the cost, both financially and personally, is high.

To avoid driving while impaired, make plans before you drink. When you have a ride home or a designated driver, you do not have to worry about an emergency requiring you to get behind the wheel.