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What is simple assault?

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

Assault is a crime that covers a variety of acts. If you are facing charges, you should read the criminal complaint to figure out the exact charge against you.

In many cases, the crime will be simple assault. Here is what you need to know about this specific charge.


Simple assault under Georgia law is an attempt to hurt someone. It can also include putting another person in a situation where they could become injured. Note that the law does not require actually injuring the person. It is simply placing another person in danger of injury from you or your actions.


Simple assault is a misdemeanor crime in most cases. However, the severity of the crime may increase if it occurs on public transit, happens with family members or against a school employee. It also increases the charge if the victim is 65 years old or older or a pregnant woman.


There is a clause within the law that ensures nobody can claim assault against a doctor or woman who is terminating a pregnancy through abortion.

It is important to understand that simple assault is often a charge for situations where the injuries to the other person are minor. More severe injuries and death will increase the charges. In general, simple assault is an attempt to harm. So, keep that in mind.

You should note that there are other levels of assault. They are higher degrees of crimes that could come with harsher sentences or punishment. Simple assault is the lowest level of charge you could face for this crime.