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Do rideshare services help keep drunk drivers off the roads?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2023 | Drunk Driving |

When rideshare services began increasing in popularity, there was a lot of talk about how they would be beneficial. One of the biggest draws was they would help people to avoid driving drunk by offering them a convenient alternative.

While there were some who felt these services would not make a difference, research shows that they are having a positive impact.

Major or minor reduction in drunk driving

The initial claim by these companies was through offering rideshare services, they would be able to almost wipe out drunk driving instances. This has not exactly happened. They have helped to reduce drunk driving in some areas. Not every place is seeing a reduction due to various factors.

Alternatives and options

One of the biggest issues is the availability. Ridesharing is not available in all areas. More rural places that often have higher levels of drunk driving do not have access to these services, so there is not going to be a change. If people cannot access the service, they will just get behind the wheel and drive as they always have done.

Ridesharing is often most prominent in areas where people already have other options, such as public transportation or taxi services. So, the impact they could have within the greater United States has its limits. It is competing with these other services and has to provide a cheaper and easier option to win out.

So, location is a huge factor in whether ridesharing services are helping to take drunk drivers off the roadways and helping to prevent accidents. Offering more access, especially in more rural areas, could increase the impact on drunk driving even more.