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The consequences of false domestic violence allegations

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2022 | Assault |

If you currently find yourself facing domestic violence charges, you likely have many different concerns and questions. These allegations could turn many aspects of your life upside down, not only in the near future but many years down the road as well. Unfortunately, some people face devastating consequences after their current partner or ex accuses them of abuse, even if they are completely innocent.

These allegations arise for a wide variety of reasons, and it is imperative to understand the options in front of you with so much at stake.

Different ways a domestic violence case can affect you

The U.S. Department of Justice provides a number of examples of domestic violence, such as physical and sexual abuse, emotional abuse and financial abuse. Some people face charges due to allegations of technological abuse, such as online stalking. If you have kids, these charges could prevent you from seeing your children. You could lose your firearms as well as your job. In addition, you might have to spend time behind bars.

Addressing a domestic violence case

If these charges have come up, you need to take a careful approach when handling your case. Whether you face charges because your child’s other parent wants to prevent you from seeing your children or your ex wants to get revenge, it is pivotal to gather as much evidence as you possibly can and prove your innocence.

Try to remain calm and do not let negative emotions such as anxiety, depression or anger interfere with your ability to defend yourself against false domestic violence allegations.