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How can an ignition interlock device benefit you?

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2022 | Drunk Driving |

A drunk driving charge can complicate your life and jeopardize your independence. Depending on the severity of your charge, you might meet the eligibility requirements to have an ignition interlock device.

This innovative technology can enable you to maintain your driving privileges while you satisfy the legal repercussions of your DUI. Understanding its benefits might help you identify your next steps.

Keep your freedom

Arguably the most beneficial reason for an ignition interlock device is the ability to continue driving despite your DUI charge. If approved, you will need to collaborate with a registered provider to have a device installed in your vehicle.

Prior to driving anywhere, you will need to provide a breath sample that will detect your BAC level. If it meets the requirements, your vehicle will turn on, and you can drive. According to the Rules and Regulations of the State of Georgia, any tampering with your ignition interlock device, including providing false samples or trying to remove it, will result in serious consequences.

Lower your risks

Any subsequent DUIs after your first offense can have detrimental repercussions. You could face jail time, costly fines and prolonged loss of your privilege to drive. Using an ignition interlock device can lower your risks of recidivism. With the added accountability, you can focus on improving your habits.

Rebuild credibility

Having a DUI charge may hurt your reputation and cause you to lose credibility.  An ignition interlock device helps hold you accountable for your actions. Consistent compliance over time can aid in your effort to rebuild credibility. Once you have met the requirements for its use, you can inquire about having it removed from your vehicle.

Using an ignition interlock device is a temporary reality. However, your decision to comply can help you regain control of your life and mitigate the consequences of a DUI.