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Do you have to tell your boss about a DUI?

You probably know that getting arrested for a DUI affects your life in many ways. There are various, serious consequences for drinking under the influence and unfortunately, these are not only legal consequences. Getting a DUI can spill over and affect your personal and professional life, too.

One part you might not have considered is how it could affect your work. A DUI will show up on your record if a potential employer runs a background check, but can it affect your current job, too? Should you tell your employer if you get arrested for a DUI?

Should you tell your boss?

A DUI arrest will show up on your record, but if you are not subjected to a background check, your employer might not know about it right away. So should you tell them anyway? The smart answer is yes, for a few reasons.

Chances are your employer will find out about your arrest eventually, so it may help you to get out in front of the accusation before your employer finds out on their own. This could also show your boss that you are honest and more trustworthy if you come clean right away. This way, you can also provide context about the situation, too. Honestly is a good policy, especially in the professional world.

In some cases, you are required to tell your boss. Check your employee handbook to see if your company has a policy about reporting DUIs or other arrests. If your job involves driving, you may also need to report any traffic arrests, citations or other charges.

Will you get fired?

In most cases, getting a DUI will not directly lead to losing your job. However, sometimes the effects of a DUI can cause people to get fired or laid off. Poor attendance and dishonesty can cause a person to get fired and these sometimes come along with a DUI.

The penalties of a DUI can be harsh, but they do not have to ruin your entire life. There are ways you can preserve your personal and professional world, even after a DUI arrest.

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