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Drug convictions on your record may affect more than employment

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

Many individuals know that a potential employer can obtain access to your criminal record through a background check before hiring you. These employers simply want to ensure that a possible employee has a record that would indicate their honest intention of applying for a job, and it also works as a character reference when looking at past drug convictions.

Yet many individuals do not know that in Georgia, other entities aside from potential employers can gain access to your criminal background history. It is essential to contact an attorney immediately upon receiving an alleged drug charge, as your future could prove affected by more than missing out on a job opportunity.

Other businesses and organizations can access your criminal background

In Georgia, employers can hire you contingent upon your passing of a criminal background check. Usually, employers look for violations in driving under the influence if the job requires you to drive a commercial vehicle, or a history of drug abuse if you work around children. Your future career could prove detrimentally affected by past drug violations, so you want to work diligently to defend yourself from a charge with an attorney in court.

Other businesses and entities prove interested in your criminal background history, and especially as your history relates to drugs.

  1. Education: If you wish to attend law school or medical school, your background check could give admissions a reason to deny your acceptance.
  2. Renting: You may not have the ability to rent property in Georgia if you have violated drug laws, as a landlord could deny your request on the grounds that they fear you could use drugs in the home.
  3. Firearms: Gun ownership could prove extremely difficult if you have a history of drug crimes.
  4. Custody: You may not have the ability to obtain custody of your children or the ability to adopt or foster children with a drug crime background.
  5. Vacations: Traveling out of the country may prove a greater hassle if your record shows drug charges.

Though you may not have the opportunity to expunge a drug-related crime from your record in Georgia, you may have the opportunity to fight the charge by using an experienced attorney before conviction.