Trucking Accidents

Lowndes County, Interstate 75 Trucking Lawyer

Valdosta trucking attorney is committed to helping people who have suffered serious personal injuries in accidents involving large trucks.

When an automobile is involved in an accident with a big rig, logging truck, eighteen wheeler, or semi on Interstate 75, the driver of the car is almost always seriously injured. When you are involved in an accident with a semi truck it is imperative that you get in touch with Valdosta personal injury lawyer .

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Trucking companies, their investigators and their insurance companies begin investigating Georgia semi truck accidents as soon as they occur; often they are at the scene of the accident within minutes. By quickly hiring a Valdosta truck accident attorney, you give yourself the same advantage.

Truckers and trucking companies have special rules, and accidents are commonly caused by:

  • Inadequate truck driver training
  • Truck driver fatigue (falling asleep at the wheel)
  • Fraudulent log books due to unworkable schedules and expectations
  • Alcohol or drug use
  • Aggressive driving behavior by a truck driver
  • Speeding and other traffic violations
  • Poor vehicle maintenance or improper safety equipment
  • Driver carelessness and negligence
  • Improper loading

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